an empty pew at communion

by fullcircle

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the first single from i hope he has a plan for you

ive been struggling with belief a lot, and whether i believe in a god, or a force, or anything anymore. and i still dont know what, but maybe i dont have to.

maybe not knowing and never being sure is just fine.


released February 5, 2017



all rights reserved


fullcircle York, UK

music to take antidepressants to
forever dining at beaches -

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Track Name: an empty pew at communion
he sits at a pew, he's unsure what for
Because God never answered when he knocked on the door
and the book that he read that promised rest when he's dead
seemed not much more than a place for his head

it said that he was filled with demons trying to get out
and they found their release when his lungs gave out
and the high horse was kicked aside, he needed it no more
he didn't make a sound when he hit the floor

well he awoke in a room he knew wasn't his own
although nothing in this life really is he supposed
and his demons were there in a hospital gown
the weight of his soul had dragged his body down
Track Name: love (original demo)
kiss me
so i know its real
because im caught between my head and my heart
lying next to you oh
what else could i do but
fall in love with you

when i see your face in this
wondrous haze
they call love
nothing else could compare to you
thats why i
love you
Track Name: when i see you (timberwolf)
you had the brightest dream
you were gonna be an artist who plays in a band
i guess that things change
when youre lying on the side of the road in the everglades

how the hell did it make sense
after you saw what charlie went through?
does hell taste as sweet as you thought?
do you like what you bought?

i guess dollys not over it and youre not the person i loved
it takes a lot more than "how've you been" to be my friend

you smell like hospitals
and you look like bad news
and if god is real
then i hope he has a plan for you

if the devils real let him know that i asked how hes been
because when i rid myself of my demons they must have found a home in you

if hell is real then i hope youre enjoying your stay