demo cd (aka old adventures in slightly higher fidelity)

by fullcircle

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released April 11, 2017



all rights reserved


fullcircle York, UK

music to take antidepressants to
forever dining at beaches -

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Track Name: something to you
i cant say these words to anyone
so i guess ill sing them instead
there's a devil inside my body
and the hell inside my head

I just want to be something
I just want to be something to you

it's been a few days now
it's been a few days now
and these few days turn into a couple of days
and soon we won't know eachother

i just want to be something to you

this is the start of something new
Track Name: kings crossing (elliott smith)
the kings crossing was the main attraction
dominoes falling in a chain reaction
the scraping subject ruled by fear
told me whiskey works better than beer

the judge is on vinyl
desicions aren't final
and nobody gets a reprieve
and every wave is tidal
if you hang around you're going to get wet

i can't prepare for death any more than i already have

all you can do now is watch the shelves
the game looks easy
that's why it sells

frustrated fireworks inside of your head
are going to stand and deliver dark instead
the method acting that pays my bills
keeps the fat man feeding in beverly hills
i've got a heavy metal mouth that hurls obscenity
and i get my check from the trash treasury
cause i took my own insides out

it doesn't matter because i got no sex life
all i wanna do now is inject my ex-wife
i've seen the movie
i know what happens

it's christmas time, and the needle's on the tree
a skinny santa's bringing something to me
his voice is overwhelming
his speech is slurred
and i only understand every other word

open your parachute and grab your gun
float down like an omen, a setting sun
read the part and return at five
it's a helluva role if you can keep it alive
but i don't care if i fuck up, i'm going on a date
with a rich white lady, ain't life great?
so give me one good reason not to do it
so do it

this is the place where time reverses
dead men talk to all the pretty nurses
instruments shine on a silver tray
don't let me get carried away
don't let me get carried away
don't let me be carried away
Track Name: an empty pew at communion
he sits at a pew, he's unsure what for
Because God never answered when he knocked on the door
and the book that he read that promised rest when he's dead
seemed not much more than a place for his head

it said that he was filled with demons trying to get out
and they found their release when his lungs gave out
and the high horse was kicked aside, he needed it no more
he didn't make a sound when he hit the floor

well he awoke in a room he knew wasn't his own
although nothing in this life really is he supposed
and his demons were there in a hospital gown
the weight of his soul had dragged his body down
Track Name: float (old gray)
i've never been one to say goodbye
but when i found out you died i was left with my teeth in my head
no no no reason
just another leaf blown away with the seasons

a thirst to see your smile every once in a while
it's running laps round my head
but still i hear your voice right before i go to sleep
i didn't know your pain but you found your release

why did you have to leave

i've never been one to say goodbye
but i found out you died this last fourth of july
and i'd do anything to cut you down from that rope

next time that you kill yourself
know i'm not getting by
no i love you and i want to say goodbye

Track Name: the mirror
i can't stand
the skin i'm in
come help and cut me out

i haven't felt okay
in five years
and i want to get out

cut my eyes out so i can't see
what you're gonna do to me
cut my eyes out so i can't see myself

if i see myself
will i recognise
the face behind these eyes
the mirror it tells lies

cut my eyes out so i can't see
what you're gonna do to me
cut my eyes out so i can't see myself
Track Name: either way (sorority noise)
saw my chance
saw my chance and i took it
saw my chance to leave the life i couldn't lead

saw my chance
saw my chance and i took it
saw my chance to be more than my head let me believe

and maybe it's not so bad
drink some water go to sleep
rinse and repeat

saw my chance
saw my chance and i took it
saw my chance to rid myself of my toxic ways

saw you smile
but i must have mistook it

sometimes we hide ourselves
and i wish i could go back
to when fragility and innocence was all i knew

saw your life
saw your life and you took it
saw your chance to leave the life you couldnt lead

took your last breath
i was there when you took it
did you know that we would love you either way?
Track Name: delicate
you said
that if i loved you
then surely i would stop

well i came to apologise
i guess i'm weaker than we thought

i wish you well
as i burn in hell
and the devil is my friend

everything i love
turns to dust
so don't love me
i don't deserve you
Track Name: we found two dead swans and filled their bodies with flowers (teen suicide)
i don’t want to go to sleep
and i don’t want to dream
on a table or on the floor
in a car outside at night in the snow
waking up in someone else’s bed
something tells me i’m losing my head
i don’t want to leave
just dye my hair and sleep
the world is ending in my dreams
every week for the last few years
when it really ends they’ll fill my body with flames
you and i will be a household name
Track Name: requiem
by this point i'm just bloodstains and filth
i cut myself clean just to remember how to feel
i'm falling apart,

never compare yourself to me
you're so much more than I could ever be

from me flowers shall grow

nothing's been the same since you went away
i'm missing you more and more each day
but you're gone

and from you, flowers are growing
emptiness is flowing from our hearts