i found god in a service station

by fullcircle

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thank you. i love you.


released September 22, 2016



all rights reserved


fullcircle York, UK

music to take antidepressants to
forever dining at beaches - beachdiner.bandcamp.com

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Track Name: i will be my own best friend
I will take all these pills and I'll be okay
As long as you're here I won't feel no pain
I will take what I need and I will take some more
And I will find god on a gas station floor

and i know im no good and i know there's no cure
for all that i see behind these closed doors
im my own problem, leave me alone
for the good of all around us

and no matter what happens
i know i will fall
ill take three steps up
and crash on the floor
ill wake up and ill see you
a beautiful moon
and i am the clouds covering
Track Name: all i want
I don't think I'm ever gonna leave my bed
Just keep myself locked inside my head
Chasing dreams
I know will never come true

All I want is you

im selfish n useless
writing songs i won't remember
I have many problems I refuse to face
so ill sing them instead

all i want is you
all i want is you
all i want is the feeling you gave me all those years ago
and all i want it to fall asleep and wake up in your arms
Track Name: tomorrow means nothing
waiting till I fade away
it's getting closer everyday
and i will remember you

will you be there when i come back?

and tomorrow means nothing to me
and i will be a distant memory
and we will never be anything more than worthless
anything more than perfect

you told me not to be scared
you'd always be there
well where are you now?

will you be there when i come back?
Track Name: something to you
i cant say these words to anyone
so i guess ill sing them instead
there's a devil inside my body
and the hell inside my head

I just want to be something
I just want to be something to you

it's been a few days now
it's been a few days now
and these few days turn into a couple of days
and soon we won't know eachother

i just want to be something to you

this is the start of something new
Track Name: limelight
youre in the limelight
take the shot and salt my wounds
using whatever we found to forget solid ground
no matter how long we wish
nothing's going to change until we do
the problems are inside ourselves
now all i do wish for you and I

i wish that we were happy
i wish that we were fine
Track Name: always and forever
falling in love with you is the best thing ive ever done and my biggest regret
i only tried to make us better but now i cant see a light
the only thing i want is us
when we were happy
when it was good

the treehouse is a meeting point
you never looked so perfect
i saw everything we could have been
in the violet in your hair

but i dreamt and we laughed
and the connection was strong
but you moved away
and we knew we would never be

i fell out of favour and you fell out of love with me
but i held on to what was there
we were strong and sturdy
and now we are rubble

i love you
always and forever
Track Name: distance
i had a dream where you told me "I love you"
and i told you i never stopped

love cannot blossom where distance finds its bed
everything between us are thing that we just read

will you remember me
when the scars are healed
and everything we had is gone
and you're finally happy
Track Name: the mirror
i can't stand the skin im in
come help and cut me out
i haven't felt okay in five years
and i want to get out

cut my eyes out so I can't see what you're gonna do to me
cut my eyes so I can't see myself

if I see myself will I recognise
the face behind these eyes
the mirror it tells lies